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For the last 2 years, I have worked as Technical Lead for United Studios, a digital production agency based in Farringdon, London.

My role involved all technical aspects of a project life cycle, including initial planning, scoping, approach and estimates, documentation and guidelines, development (front and back end, on my own or leading a team), QA and testing, and finally delivery.

I am a friendly, enthusiastic person, who loves to build great web experiences, for both the client and the end user. I strive to deliver clean, elegant, robust solutions that best solve the requirements of a project.

I am available for freelance or permanent contracts, so if you're interested in meeting up and discussing possible work or roles, please contact me.


Here is a brief selection of projects I have worked on in the last year or so. My role in any project can vary from development, to QA, to managing a development team and technical direction and in some cases, all of these.

Brand Union website

Brand Union

Brand Union wanted us to build them a multilingual website, which they could fully content manage themselves. We built the site using responsive techniques for the the front end, and Drupal 7 with custom modules for the back end.

I built the back of the website in Drupal and integrated the front end templates, created by another developer. I also liaised with the server administrators to setup, configure and trouble shoot the staging and production servers.

Gorilla Perfume website

Gorilla Perfume

Lush, the Cosmetics company, required a new website to promote and sell their Gorilla Perfume range. We created a bespoke CMS in PHP/MySQL, with a front end using parallax and responsive techniques, and WordPress for the blog.

I managed the 3 person development team and helped with the creation of the product pages and customised WordPress theme for the blog.

Microloan website

Microloan Pennies for life

To raise awareness for the Microloan Foundation charity, we were asked to create a website to work in conjunction with an outdoor advertising campaign. People passing a digital screen at Westfield shopping centre could text donations to the number displayed, which would appear immediately on the screen as they watched and on the website at the same time.

I built the website, working closely with DLKW Lowe and Grand Visual, who created the outdoor campaign. The website featured a customised API to receive the SMS donations, validate them, then allow users to look up their donation online immediately.

Cuprinol website


As part of the Cuprinol website refresh, we were asked to create the front end templates in HTML/CSS/JavaScript to be integrated with the existing back end system.

I managed the 3 person development team and helped with the creation of various templates to deliver the entire website to the client, meeting a strict deadline ahead of schedule for their integration process. The website was supported by a TV advertising campaign, which meant that there could be no delay in delivery.

MTV competition tool

MTV Comp tool

MTV run a series of competitions, with all entries saved in a central database. They needed a tool that would allow them to rapidly create competition forms for multilingual websites, re-using existing forms where required.

I setup the front end layout using Twitter Bootstrap, created the backend functionality using CodeIgniter and developed an API to validate and process competition entries. The tool features drag and drop functionality for building forms and has successfully processed over 100,000 entries in the short time it has been in use.

United Studios Live website

United Studios Live

United Studios Live is a website we built to showcase some of the different work we do. It features a Google Chrome experiment in WebGL and HTML5 audio.

I created the full page background video functionality in a continuous slider and integrated the WebGL experiement, created by another developer, into the main site. SoundCloud audio is used for the sample tracks or MP3s can be dropped into the browser to play your own music.



You can get in touch with me in several different ways, but typically, email is the best method. You can email me at jamie at I'm also available on Skype most of the time (jamiewhittle).

Alternatively, you can connect with me on LinkedIn. I do have a Twitter account, but it doesn't get as much love as it should :(